I woke up with Archimedes

Posted Monday, May 19, 2014 in Culture

I woke up with Archimedes

by Paul Kando

“Give me a fixed point, he said, 

and I will move the world”,

proved it by math, hydraulics, lever and screw.

But there was something there

without which none of this

could have come about,

a divine spark, let’s say,

an awesome power

to observe nature’s works,

the power to create,

with power left to share

whatever there was to be learned.


We all have a version of that awesome power, 

we are all, in some way, Archimedes,

Michelangelo, DaVinci,

Beethoven, Bach, Proust,  

Hemingway, Goya, Shakespeare, 

a farmer teasing life out of the soil,

a hospice worker caring for the frail,

a low income single mother "making it" on a shoestring. 


Ultimately I am kind of fond and proud 

of our fashionably much maligned species. 

Think of what we have the power to do,

 if only we... Nay, who has the power 

to stop us from unleashing all our pent-up

collective good will, energy,

its mind-bogglingly rich diversity,  

ignoring pundits, media, 

computer-game designers, 

Koch brothers, Foxes, Limbaughs, 

and all our so called leaders, 

to pursue happiness?

We all have it. That inner something.

Science? Talent? Art?  Being grownup?

Being you?

Whatever it is, I'm banking on it.

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