Not deferential enough: Enough already

Posted Wednesday, March 26, 2014 in Opinion

Not deferential enough: Enough already

A couple of Portland residents ski to work after Winter Storm Nemo this year.

by Gina Hamilton

Winter is still clinging to Maine with an iron grip. It's been cold, and now, we're expectng a snowstorm, or as the local weather guy puts it, we'll have a "glancing blow", but we're still expecting snow, a week after the vernal equinox.

Then, it is said, we shall have a warm up with high temperatures in the fifties. That's hardly something to crow about, but we might get sap running and be able to make a little bit of maple syrup and shoo the chickens out long enough to clean their coops. 

And plant an apple tree that has been heeled in at the top of the basement stairs for more than a week now.

OK, we're officially sick of this. Turning Tide Cottage needs a break, and we need to have some hope of spring, now.

We've had tough winter before, but I can't remember anything like this in the last ten years or so.  Everyone we know is suffering a bit of winter fatigue; the cost of heating homes, the cost or energy required to clear sidewalks and driveways or rake roofs, the multiple canceled events ... all of it has taken a mental and financial toll. Even physically, it's been rough - carrying sacks of wood pellets and wood, or struggling through snowdrifts to reach animal enclosures.  Almost everyone we know has had a spill of some kind - slipping on the ice in the driveway or on the path to the chicken coop.

While everyone complains about the weather, there's not much we can do about it. An occasional extreme winter, just like an occasional extreme summer, taxes and tests the locals.  For those of us who can't escape for the winter, or don't want to, we can either take it in stride or start making (and selling) tee shirts that say "I survived the winter of 2014!"  We fully expect to see them popping up downtown any day now.

But it's definitely long past time for something approaching spring. The new weather maps are showing rain, not snow, in the new forecasts after this last storm.

Let's all hope this is over, and in enough time to get the fields and beds ready for new life.

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