Humble Rants 5 March 2014

Posted Tuesday, March 4, 2014 in Opinion

Humble Rants 5 March 2014

 by Robert Skoglund aka The humble Farmer

An email that came today says:

"... welfare benefits pay more than a minimum wage job in 35 states and the District of Columbia. Even worse, welfare pays more than $15 per hour in 13 states. According to the study, welfare benefits have increased faster than minimum wage. It’s now more profitable to sit at home than it is to earn an honest day’s pay."

I have heard my wife Marsha tell about this. It is nothing new.

When she was in college at UConn over 40 years ago she took a course in which one of the assignments was to try to live on welfare or minimum wage.

She (and probably the other students) discovered that the viable option was to live on welfare, because minimum wage did not pay them anywhere near enough to get by. 

The lesson Marsha and her classmates learned? We can get people off welfare by paying them a living wage. Minimum wage doesn't do the job.

--- And wouldn't you believe that it is much more difficult to live on minimum wage now than it was 40 years ago?

One of the reasons the very rich do not want poor children to go to college is because they learn things like Marsha learned: Unless you want a dysfunctional society, everyone who works in a factory or in your back yard must be paid a living wage. 

Yes, a college graduate would be contributing more to our social system by paying much more in taxes than an uneducated person. But on the down side, educated people are much more likely to vote for a Democratic congress which would vote to raise the minimum wage.

 It is a vicious upward spiral: more education results in higher wages which results in even more education which results in even higher wages, and we can’t have that.

What percentage of the population do you think would want to live on welfare if they could earn a living wage? You'll never know, because it's not going to happen in your lifetime in this country.

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