Humble Rants 30 October 2013

Posted Tuesday, October 29, 2013 in Opinion

Humble Rants 30 October 2013

by Robert Skoglund aka The humble Farmer

 The newspaper headline said: "Former NH House Speaker says Maine fell behind because of taxes".

You might have laughed, as I did, when you read the headline. --- Because it wasn't too hard to identify the font from which this wisdom spewed. 

We read that the man said, "There isn’t one conservative leader in America nationally who hasn’t been criticized as a bigot, a racist, a buffoon, as Islam-phobic, as a fascist." And he is, unfortunately, correct. Too many whining liberals cannot be distinguished from their Tea Party opponents when it comes to name-calling. 

What good does it do to suggest that so-and-so embraces the policies that thousands of Eisenhower's American boys died to eradicate in Germany, when so many Americans wouldn't know those policies if they jumped up and bit them? Do you and I have friends and relatives who might even rush out and vote for them even if they did?

Would it be better to point out to our friends --- ad nauseam --- what those supposedly discredited policies were so that more Americans would know what they are talking about when they throw these names around?  It might have to take the form of a mantra before some eventually get it.

For example, in the immediate years before 1945 unions were banned in Germany. When the Allies helped the new German government write a new constitution, the right for workers to form unions was put in that constitution. The right to have unions was supposed to help keep the mustached man's form of government from being able to rise again. 

What are some of the other identifying features of that government that we thought we crushed in Germany in 1945?

Well, let's start by repeating that it was anti-union.

It was anti-liberal.

It was anti-gay.

It embraced corporatism. 

It was extremely nationalistic: my country right or wrong.

Militarism and authoritarianism. Preparing for war in the name of "national defense."

"I am doing the work of the Lord" Any invasion can be justified if you believe you are doing it in the name of God.

It gave tax breaks to the rich.

It was opposed to the methods of parliamentary democracy.

It was opposed to the League of Nations (a world government organization).

There are more that could be listed, but this is a good start. 

Now I'm not saying that a union-hating, anti-liberal, God-fearing flag-waver, who thinks that the über-rich and corporations should have the lion's share of our economic pie would have been very happy living in Germany in 1938. 

But I do hope I've provided a few friends with an outline of the precepts of one political party should they wish to do further research.

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