LePage: Shutdown won't affect Maine ... much

Posted Sunday, September 29, 2013 in News

LePage: Shutdown won't affect Maine ... much

AUGUSTA – Gov. Paul LePage issued a statement today about the federal shutdown of the U.S. government.

“Although some positions and programs in state agencies are federally funded, all functions of state government will proceed as normal through the end of the week,” Governor LePage said.

A short-term shutdown of the federal government is not expected to directly impact the Maine Department of Education or Maine schools. A short-term shutdown will not affect public assistance programs administered through the Department of Health and Human Services or the Department of Labor. It will not affect the Maine Emergency Management Agency or the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

However, the shutdown has impacted federal employees working for the Maine Army National Guard—many of the same workers who were furloughed because of sequestration. About 280 of these federal employees have been put on furlough until further notice.

“The shutdown of the federal government is a result of the failure of leadership in Washington, D.C,” said Governor LePage. “A short-term shutdown won’t impact the operation of Maine state government. But if the shutdown continues for an extended period, then it could affect some state agencies.

“With the politicians constantly fighting over the budget, sequestration and the debt ceiling, in addition to $17 trillion in national debt, we cannot rely on the federal government to pay for public assistance programs or state services for Maine people,” said Gov. LePage.

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