Cutler formally announces run for governor

Posted Wednesday, September 25, 2013 in Politics

Cutler formally announces run for governor

BANGOR -- Eliot Cutler finally gave up what had to be Maine's worst kept secret and announced his bid for Blaine House on Tuesday.

In two separate kickoffs, in Bangor and in Portland, Cutler said that he is running for governor because neither of the two parties are capable of moving Maine forward.

In Bangor, Cutler's home town, he delivered a 25 minute speech about the importance of independence in government.  He said Mainers should free themselves from “the chokehold of partisanship that makes scoring points more important than solving problems.”

In the last few months, Cutler has sharpened his criticism of Gov. Paul LePage's behavior and policies.  He acknowledged that LePage had a compelling life story, but said that his claims of success in business were at odds with his actions as governor.  "If he were an employee, his contract wouldn't have been renewed," Cutler said.

He was gentler with Michaud, but said that Michaud's 30 years of experience weren't an asset.  "The party politics didn't work before and won't work now," he said. 

Over the last couple of months, the Cutler campaign has raised questions about Michaud's positions on reproductive choice and gun control, two issues where Michaud is right of most Democrats.  By doing so, however, the self-proclaimed moderate has positioned himself to the left of the Democrat in the race. 

Cutler is currently polling third, behind Michaud, who is at 40 percent of the polls, and LePage, who has 35 percent.  In the latest poll, Cutler has 18 percent.  The rest are undecided.

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