Humble Rants 28 August 2013

Posted Wednesday, August 28, 2013 in Opinion

Humble Rants 28 August 2013

by Robert Skoglund aka The humble Farmer

Today I am moved to comment on the case of the North Pond Hermit who lived alone in the woods for years and sustained himself by stealing an occasional warm coat and a few cans of food.

Too bad. 

Not a bad guy but certainly different. 

He never bothered anybody and only stole enough to stay alive. 

And yet there are folks walking the streets today who stole millions of dollars from investors. They weren't even indicted for their crimes. They stole the retirement from old people who had worked and saved their entire lives. And they stole not to buy bread for their hungry children but so they could buy big boats and have two or three vacation homes.  These thieves are respected members of their communities today and they continue to walk the streets in expensive shoes that some hard-working person like you paid for.

I'm not saying that the hermit would be defined as sane by present standards.  But is a country sane when it invades a smaller neighbor just to steal the oil in the ground or the bananas growing on the trees? Corporate America has been doing that for years. History books are no more than written accounts of other countries that have invaded and robbed their neighbors since writing was invented. Why did they call it Belgian Congo? Or French West Africa? Or the Netherlands Antilles?

Whether stealing is right or wrong depends on how it is written up by the press.  You can steal anything you want and still look good if you own the media. And if you can steal it and hang onto it long enough, it magically becomes yours.

What a double standard we have when it comes to stealing. --- A classic example of compartmentalized thinking.

Would it be cheaper to let the hermit steal an occasional warm coat and can of food than to pay his room and board in state prison? 

I don't know. I don't have any opinion on this stealing hermit.  He didn't take my coat, although, had he asked, I would have given him one and thrown in two cans of B&M baked beans.

What do you think of The North Pond Hermit? Does he belong in jail?

What do you think of a country that steals from its neighbors?

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