High capacity magazine bill voted out of committee

Posted Wednesday, April 24, 2013 in News

High capacity magazine bill voted out of committee

AUGUSTA -- The Criminal Justice committee voted on Tuesday to advance a measure that would ban the possession of high-capacity magazines like the ones used in the Newtown massacre and other mass shootings.  LD 997 was passed with a vote of 7-6, which fell along party lines, with Democrats voting for the measure and Republicans voting against.

Senate President Justin Alfond, the bill's sponsor, said that in Newtown, it took a mere 12 minutes for Adam Lanza to fire 154 rounds with ten 30-round magazines.  Twenty-six people, including 20 children, were killed.

However, when the gunman had to reload, eleven children were able to escape. 

The bill now goes to the Senate and House for additional votes before going to the governor's desk for a signature.

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