Humble Rants 17 April 2013

Posted Wednesday, April 17, 2013 in Opinion

Humble Rants 17 April 2013

by Robert Skoglund aka The humble Farmer

The email says: "Robert, please sign our petition urging Congress and President Obama to crack down on corporations and wealthy individuals that use offshore accounts to dodge paying taxes. Click here to sign the petition.

"With the 2013 tax deadline looming, newly leaked documents show that there is an estimated $32 trillion hiding away in offshore tax havens. Yes, $32 trillion. ... this is just another example of how the wealthy are becoming egregiously rich at the expense of everyone else."

Ho hum.

The wealthy have always become rich at the expense of others. What's the fun of being wealthy if you can't hide your money where it can't be taxed? 

And why tell us this as if it were a secret that has suddenly been brought to light? It has been the same for thousands of years in almost every culture I can think of.

This is what TABOR was/is all about. Cut back on taxes and let the country go to Tophet. 

I got a letter from a physicist in Maryland. It told what happened to schools when the money was cut back. I read it for my radio show, and that show was pulled and never aired because of that letter. Yes. The show was not aired on The humble Farmer's radio show of 28 years because on that show I read a letter from a listener who said: 

"Dear humble, We live near DC and 'tax cut' never means better control of pork barrel spending or programs that benefit corporations at the expense of everyman. It always means that the cuts will be in social services, humanitarian efforts, environmental issues, and all those 'useless' programs that generally benefit the poor and middle class and not the wealthy. A tax 'ceiling' was implemented on spending in nearby Prince George's County. The result — PG County is now one of the worst counties in the nation in terms of student achievement, even though it has had had a huge influx of higher paid residents. The folks who can afford it, even the minority residents, are sending their kids to private schools. Teachers have to buy their own supplies, books arrive three weeks after school starts because the school system's expenditures are slow. Fiscal responsibility is one thing. Tax cuts designed to 'red tape' needy programs to death while expediting tax cuts to the wealthy (described as 'beneficial to the economy') are another."

Over 28 years, I read hundreds of letters from radio friends and no one ever said a peep.

I want to repeat what I said above. When I read this letter on my radio show, I was told that Rich Tozier pulled the show from the lineup. You see, management had been listening to my shows before airing them to make sure that they contained nothing that would offend the ears of educated Maine people. And the key word here might be "educated." Do you see anything in that letter that would offend the ears of any educated Maine person?

If any good came of this, it let thousands of Maine Public Radio's fans see that it was not the Maine Public Radio they had contributed to for years and had learned to trust. And thousands of people stopped sending money to MPBN and sent it to other stations. The Maine State Legislature sent a letter of protest to MPBN as did the National Coalition Against Censorship — which didn't do a bit of good.

A few years ago I talked with some people in Colorado where TABOR had been unleashed. They were with the fire department, as I recall, and what they told me wasn't pretty.

What I do find interesting about all this is that millions and millions of people who earn less than $250,000 a year have been convinced by the media that letting the super rich hide their money in other lands to avoid taxes is the way to go. And that taxes are bad and serve no other purpose than to bring a country to its knees.

Who owns this Fox News media thing that spreads this kind of nonsense?

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