Humble Rants 20 February 2013

Posted Wednesday, February 20, 2013 in Opinion

Humble Rants 20 February 2013

by Robert Skoglund aka The humble Farmer

 My wife Marsha needs people and company every day. Yesterday she helped her elderly friend with a lawn sale and when I picked her up at the end of the day she was so hoarse she could barely talk.

Marsha likes to go to everything. I'm pretty sure she misses going to church. 

She tried to attend services in Florida but southern interpretations of the Gospel upset her.  

My good wife knows that there is nothing wrong with listing to a sermon delivered by a cowboy-booted millionaire who owns a car dealership.

But hearing him preach the glorification of guns in every home for “protection” and war in general isn’t why she enters a house of God. 

“Bomb the infidels.” 

Marsha is certainly the only person in the congregation who has set foot in Sodom and probably the only one listening who has ever lived outside of the United States without government remuneration. She is not enlightened by weekly reminders that God abhors gay marriage, or gays in general, book so and so, verse such and such.


In a Florida church you can be told that our president’s disastrous policies are leading him down the path toward eternal damnation. 


---Had we not been saved we’d be burning in an eternal hell ourselves.

 “Glory to God.”

And then, when you look around you with smug satisfaction, there is the warm feeling of Christian fellowship, when you notice that there is not one “Black or Mexican” in the room.  

 “Praise Jesus.”

What my wife has seen in Florida churches would make Elmer Gantry look like a Christian.

"Sinclair Lewis."

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