Coordinator sought for Peace Fair

Posted Wednesday, January 30, 2013 in News

Coordinator sought for Peace Fair

BRUNSWICK — PeaceWorks is offering a stipended position for a Peace Fair coordinator for 2013. Working with an experienced volunteer committee, the coordinator will work 10 hours a month in March and April, then 10 hours a week from May 1 till Aug. 3 and lead a debriefing meeting later in August.

On Aug. 3, PeaceWorks will present its ninth annual Peace Fair. The theme will be “The Children Ask the World of Us” and from that theme come questions about how we can realize the kind of world that will allow all children to thrive.

The fair will be an opportunity for the community to explore some of the questions that come out of that idea. For instance, if the children ask the world of us: how shall we teach them, how shall we feed them, how shall we protect the Earth for them, how shall we ensure a safe and compassionate society for them? What is our vision, what are the challenges we face? What actions will new understandings lead us to take?       

Along with this exploration will be a lot of celebration and fun: art and musical activities, a poetry-writing workshop, concerts by local musicians and locally grown and prepared food.

The Peace Fair aims to raise awareness and honor cooperation, sharing of the Earth’s resources, caring for the needs of people around the world, and ensuring farsighted concern for the planet.

For more information contact Rosalie Paul by Feb. 15 at

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