Legislative committee shakeup in 126th

Posted Tuesday, November 27, 2012 in Politics

Legislative committee shakeup in 126th

by Andi Parkinson

AUGUSTA -- With all of the 126th Legislative races now settled and all names known, it is time to look ahead to 2013 - not just the new members, but possible shake ups in the joint standing committees (For more info: “Rule 301. Joint Standing Committee Responsibilities and Jurisdiction”).

These committees will be of great focus immediately after the new Legislature is sworn in next week, as there are already anticipated reviews of LD 1333/ PL 90 and LD 849/ 692, as well as the next biennial budget, with additional work still needed to fix the Governor’s previous budget:

The 125th saw the elimination of 2 separate committees to form a third with a tremendous range of focuses. As Reps Terry Hayes and Paul Gilbert explain in a BDN opinion piece (“Maine workers and employers deserve more attention”) published yesterday:

What Hayes and Gilbert envision for a practical workable solution to the problems seen in the past is the creation of a new committee:

Via Pierce Atwood comes this comprehensive look at the current state of the various standing committees, with the names of former and no longer serving legislators crossed out:

*Member of legislative leadership in the 126th and unlikely to serve on a committee

This post will be updated as soon as the final decisions regarding committees and members are released to the public.

It is worth pointing out that members who served as chair in the last legislature, even if they remain on the committee, would not serve as chair in the 126th as their party is out of power. 

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