Ron Paul rejects run, refuses to endorse Romney

Posted Tuesday, September 11, 2012 in Politics

Ron Paul rejects run, refuses to endorse Romney

by Gina Hamilton

After a week of high hopes and expectations among Ron Paul supporters, and rumors flying, Ron Paul said on Tuesday night during an appearance on NBC's Tonight Show that he would not be making a third party run in 2012.

"I have to rest up for 2016," he said.  Paul will be 81 years old in 2016.

Rumors that he was in negotiations to replace the Libertarian nominee, Gov. Gary Johnson, making Johnson his running mate, were everywhere, including his own campaign website, and even Johnson said that if Paul were to run, he would step aside.

However, the party leadership said that's not how it is done.  There would be penalties in many states, where ballot swapping is not allowed, and in any case, it is the membership of the Libertarian Party who would make such a decision, not Johnson and Paul.

The Republican Party is already challenging the Libertarian Party's ballot petitions in several critical swing states to any potential Republican win, including Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Iowa.

On the Leno show, which aired moments after a stirring speech by Michele Obama in Charlotte, Paul said that he wasn't sure how he was personally going to vote in November, and declined to endorse Romney.

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