Humble Rants 29 August 2012

Posted Wednesday, August 29, 2012 in Opinion

Humble Rants 29 August 2012

by Robert Skoglund aka The humble Farmer

 ‎"Many political analysts agree that persistent high unemployment and a stagnant economic recovery will make it more difficult for President Obama to win re-election in November."

This is true. Some working people either have short memories or else don't care that you can't cut back on taxes for the rich, maintain expensive wars and cause the collapse of our financial institutions by removing Roosevelt's regulations without bringing hard times upon working people. 

A corporate-controlled Congress does not want an economic recovery during a Democratic administration and has voted down the kind of stimulus programs that turned the country around in the late 1930s.

Short memories. And too many working people and small business owners have forgotten that Obama inherited a failing economy from GWB — who was, by the way, the most successful president in recent years if you consider that he made many of his rich friends even richer and created an economy in which too many poor people were glad to work for the rich at any kind of job at any wage offered.

Getting some small business owners and working people to vote for their own economic interests instead of the interests of the media-owning billionaires is an impossible chore. It could be done if enough of these voters read history books or spent some time in Northern Europe but, alas, they get their information from the boys at work and talk radio. Too many people vote like their illiterate friends do.

Anyone who reads a few pages in the Encyclopedia Britannica every day knows that since we have kept records it has been a struggle between the rich and the poor. It has been no different in any country in any age. The question was, is and always will be who gets the money: the rich or the working people and small business owners who are carrying any country? The economic principle has always been the same. It is a constant. The only things that change are the names of the countries and the protagonists.

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