GOP PAC buying television ads for Dill

Posted Wednesday, August 29, 2012 in Politics

GOP PAC buying television ads for Dill

Cynthia Dill, acknowledging her win in the Democratic primary in June

by Gina Hamilton

A new Cynthia Dill ad is running in Maine. However, her campaign neither produced it, paid for it, nor approved it.

Nor did any Democratic political action committee. The ad was paid for by a Washington, D.C., GOP political action committee called Maine Freedom, and is designed to pull support away from Angus King, who also is running for the U.S. Senate seat to be vacated by Olympia Snowe. King currently is placing first place in all polls.

The treasurer of Maine Freedom is Michael Adams, who is the general counsel for the Republican Governors Association.

The Republican candidate, Secretary of State Charlie Summers, is running a very distant second to King, and the group apparently understands that King and Dill supporters come from the same group of voters. If the Republicans can boost Dill's voters, it is possible for King to lose enough votes to allow Summers to sneak in as the winner.  This happened in 2010, when Eliot Cutler and Libby Mitchell divided Democrats and independents, and allowed Paul LePage to eke out a victory for governor.

The Dill campaign said it was not notified about the ad or its content. King said that the ad buy was "another example of out-of-state interests trying to tell Mainers how to vote." Lance Dutson, campaign manager for Summers, said he was not involved in the ad and was unaware that it was being shown.

The ad is being shown on WCSH6, on WGME13, on WMTW8, and WPFO (FOX), all Portland stations.

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