Romney camp challenges Paul delegates; alleges fraud at convention

Posted Wednesday, August 1, 2012 in Politics

Romney camp challenges Paul delegates; alleges fraud at convention

Ron Paul

AUGUSTA -- The delegates who were elected to represent Maine Republicans at the national convention in Tampa, Florida next month are fighting a challenge filed with the national GOP.  The challenge alleges that 20 of the 24 delegates, as well as 20 alternates, were improperly elected at the convention in May.

The GOP Maine convention degenerated into chaos after being taken over by Paul supporters, the rationale for the challenge, but in fact the whole caucus process was disorganized and appeared to be weighted in favor of the presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney.  Ballots were not counted in some towns, a snowstorm prevented the entire county of Aroostook from participating, and whole cities were not represented.  Both Paul and Romney supporters expected a challenge, since it was not clear that many of the delegates were properly credentialed.

All the challenged delegates and alternates are Paul supporters. Maine Republicans Peter Cianchette and Jan Martens Staples, who filed the challenge, support Romney.

Whether Maine’s delegation is seated could be critical to Paul supporters’ ability to formally nominate their candidate at the convention. If Paul can stand as an official nominee, which would require the support of at least five state delegations, he can address the gathering for 15 minutes.

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