Editorial: Surprise, it's winter

Posted Wednesday, February 29, 2012 in Opinion

Editorial: Surprise, it's winter

Although it's been an incredibly mild winter, Maine has a way of evening things out, just as most of the nation is bidding farewell to the coldest season. 

So it is likely to prove again this year, on Thursday, when it is possible that Maine will have a six to ten inch snowstorm, with the coast feeling the worst effects.

Remember to be sensible, drive carefully and slowly, stay home if you can, and make sure if you do have to go out to let people know when you expect to arrive.  Wear your winter clothing, boots, in case you have to abandon your car in a snowbank, and bring your cell phone and a little water with you.

Keep your pets safe, and your kids out of the streets, too.

Take any shoveling slowly and carefully.  We used to remember that winter isn't a sprint, it's an endurance race, but this year, not so much.

These last few snowstorms of the season can be killers, especially when there hasn't been one in such a long time.  Remember all the rules.  It's almost spring, so let's be around to enjoy it.

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