Humble Rants 25 January 2012

Posted Wednesday, January 25, 2012 in Opinion

Humble Rants 25 January 2012

by Robert Skoglund aka The humble Farmer

Now we are told that the man who believes that one Joseph Smith was directed to a hill by an angel where Smith found a stone box containing golden plates which he translated from the reformed Egyptian into a religious manifesto — was defeated in a Republican primary by a man who took a dead baby home to show to his children. Luckily Republicans still have another viable candidate in Sarah Palin’s check-kiting man who has already changed wives and religions three times and whom Republicans once threw out of Congress. 

Cut me some slack — it takes convoluted language to describe a convoluted situation. 

No wonder so many untraveled Republicans are likely to support even another viable candidate: the perennial anarchist who would shut down government.


At least three women who met Newt Gingrich were so captivated by what we will have to believe is his emotional energy that they married him. The last two were swept off their feet while he was already somewhat involved in meaningful relationships. 

You will recall that Ted Bundy and Charles Manson also possessed those sterling qualities that make innocent little hearts beat faster, and that the social phenomenon of women falling for a man who has committed an outrage is well documented. 

And here the parallel ends, for whilst those already incarcerated are somewhat confined by the parameters of Meet An Inmate dot com, Newt has in his camp the awesome power of corporate America's talk radio and Fox “News."

Newt was born a bit too late — back in the good old days he could have piled them all into wagons and gone to Salt Lake City.


Don't you have to think of Newt when you hear liberals whine that corporations can now buy elections? 

Anyone who is honest knows that the presses would burn up, all hot and smoking, before anyone could print enough money to put Newt Gingrich in the White House.

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