Gingerbread houses in Waldoboro windows

Posted Wednesday, December 14, 2011 in Features

Gingerbread houses in Waldoboro windows

WALDOBORO — Fanciful gingerbread versions of familiar Waldoboro landmarks, interpreted in icing, gumdrops and peppermint sticks, can be seen in the windows of downtown businesses.

Two of the houses are in the windows of Tidemark Gallery, located at 902 Main St. One represents the gallery itself, and the other is a recreation of the beautiful Broad Bay Congregational Church. The church, created by the Scheuzger family, has stained-glass windows made from candy that are lit from the inside.

The cookies, the lights and the lovely outdoor Christmas tree in front of the Waldoboro Public Library invite visitors of all ages to enjoy and share in the spirit of the season in Waldoboro village.


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