Safe as Houses: Bank of America to hold homeowner assistance event

Posted Wednesday, November 23, 2011 in Investigation

WISCASSET — Coastal Enterprises Inc. announced two homeowner-retention programs for people with mortgages held by Bank of America. These events will take place on Dec. 2 and 3 at the Portland Marriott at Sable Oaks, 200 Sable Oaks Drive in South Portland, and also on Dec. 3 at the Courtyard Bangor at 236 Sylvan Road in Bangor.

Homeowners must register to take advantage of the program. To register, sign up at, or by calling 1-855-201-7426.

There are many documents required; a full list is on the bank's website. Band of America suggests that homeowners make copies of any requested documentation.

Diane Sherman of Coastal Enterprises said that she is pleased that Bank of America is offering a face-to-face chance to meet with the decision-makers involved in mortgage modification.

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