Photo essay: Common Ground Country Fair

Posted Wednesday, September 28, 2011 in Features

Photo essay: Common Ground Country Fair

A young girl holds a small chick at the Common Ground Fair.


UNITY -- The Common Ground Fair is an annual country fair, focusing on sustainability, progressive politics and social policy, and organic farming.  But it's also a lot of fun.  Here are some photos by Gina Hamilton and Steve Cartwright from this year's Fair.

The three sisters - squash, corn, and beans - grow together here and sustain one another.  The corn offers an organic bean pole; the beans fix nitrogen in the soil; the squash is a ground cover that keeps weeds down.

A woman spins fleece into yarn, one of many women who participate in the Fair's growing fiber arts area.

Here, a man takes raw logs and turns them into a post and beam shed frame, like the one seen behind him.

A banjo player and two fiddlers play a little fair-going music for passersby.

A regular hit at the Fair, small children slide down a berm on pieces of cardboard - recycled, of course!

Common Ground is a country fair, complete with animals.  Here are some rather shy goats.

Here, a man moves a horse into position for the draft horse trials.  There are also sheepdog trials, pony shows, and more.

In the poultry building, baby chicks and pullets are for sale, and kids can see just how big turkeys really are.

Woolwich farmer Kelly Corbett of Romney Ridge sells her own yarn, which she has dyed by hand.

It's always fun to take a few minutes and do a little clogging at the Common Ground Fair.

The birch bark canoe building demonstration was a real draw this year.

Thinking about putting in solar tubes to heat water ...

Lounging on the commons.

The Common Ground parade.

Barbara Damrosch, garden guru and keynote speaker at Common Ground this year.

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