Editorial: Kudos on preparation, execution on Irene

Posted Wednesday, August 31, 2011 in Opinion

Okay, it wasn't the storm of the century.  But rather than assuming that it wouldn't be, state government did what state government should do and prepared.

Gov. Paul LePage deserves credit for declaring an emergency before the storm hit, staying on top of it, canceling things that needed to be canceled in state government, and visiting damage sites promptly.  He said on Tuesday that he would not lift the state of emergency before every Mainer had power.

His attitude is a world away from last winter's quip, "If Mardens is open, state government is open", which tells us that LePage is growing into his role, and it is appreciated.

Emergency Management, safety personnel, power companies, and even citizens prepared.  By Saturday, there wasn't a flashlight to be had, because Mainers took the threat seriously and got themselves, their property, and their families ready.

Now, this may have only been a dress rehearsal for the big one, but it is telling about the seriousness and thoughtfulness of government, the people, and private companies, when faced with a serious emergency.

And we passed the test with flying colors.

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