Our Maine Man: Christopher Bouchard

Posted Wednesday, August 24, 2011 in Features

Our Maine Man: Christopher Bouchard

by Gina Hamilton

For those of us who live south of Bangor, it is difficult to imagine the kind of distances one of our intrepid reporters had to travel to bring us the flavor and the culture of Aroostook County, that seemingly endless landscape at the top of Maine, heavily spiced by Quebecois sentiment, somnolent under winter snows.

For an entire summer, Christopher Bouchard has entertained us and brought us news from Aroostook, from places we have never been and probably never will be, revealing to us that other half of Maine.

Chris is a student at New England School of Communications in Bangor. He is leaving us now to return to his studies, but we can expect to read more from him as he begins to cover the Bangor and university regions.

Thanks again to Chris, our intern for the 2011 summer! Good luck this year!

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