Navy, BIW agree to two new DDG1000 class ships

Posted Wednesday, July 27, 2011 in News

Navy, BIW agree to two new DDG1000 class ships

BATH -- Rep. Chellie Pingree and Sen. Susan Collins announced Tuesday that the Navy and BIW have reached agreements on the second and third DDG-1000 ships to be built in Maine.

The DDG-1000 Zumwalt class of ships represents the Navy’s next generation of multi-mission surface combatants with capabilities tailored for land attack and littoral dominance that can defeat current and projected threats.  According to the U.S. Navy, DDG-1000 will triple naval surface fires coverage as well as tripling capability against anti-ship cruise missiles. DDG-1000 has a 50-fold radar cross section reduction compared to current destroyers and has 10 times the operating area in shallow water regions against mines. The DDG-1000 also can operate with a significantly smaller crew, saving money in personnel costs.

“With the existing construction contract for the program’s first ship – DDG-1000 – which was awarded in 2008, this agreement will bring BIW’s construction contracts for the three DDG-1000 ships to a level that will be more than $3 billion,” Senator Collins said.

“I’m glad the months of negotiation have finally resulted in a deal that will keep thousands of BIW workers on the job and get the Navy the ships they need,” Rep. Pingree said.  “Bath builds the best ships in the world and does it more efficiently than any other yard and the Navy understands that.”

Pingree wrote to Navy Secretary Ray Mabus earlier this summer to discuss the protracted contract negotiations and told Mabus that the delays in signing the contracts raised “serious concerns about maintaining the skilled workforce of the industrial base at BIW.”  Mabus responded to Pingree promising that the Navy would press ahead with the negotiations “to reach a fair and reasonable settlement.”

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