Humble Rants 29 June 2011

Posted Wednesday, June 29, 2011 in Opinion

Humble Rants 29 June 2011

by Robert Skoglund aka The humble Farmer

When an article on gay marriage in New York appeared in a Maine newspaper, almost 400 people wrote in to comment on it.

As strange as it might sound, in this country gay marriage is a religious issue, rather than social or political.

Religion is obviously a hot topic. Many people spent a lot of time carefully researching their facts and then crafting hundreds of sentences to support their thesis.
But isn’t it a waste of time? What do facts have to do with religion? Trying to change someone’s opinion about religion with a litany of facts would be like trying to convince your daughter to drop that loser she’s been drinking with for the past year.
If children could be swayed by reason, reason would have more power than love. If religion could be supported by facts, it wouldn’t be religion.

One fact about religion that is very clear is that many people obviously need it in one form or another.
No one should have anything against religion ... outside of the millions of people who have been killed in the name of one deity or another.
Through the ages many people have needed this crutch. If it brightens their day, so be it. If someone believes that some mystical force has decreed that the truth of ages was uncovered on some golden plates dug up outside of Ellsworth, or that the Earth is flat, what profiteth it a man to chew it over with them?
If they want to drink tainted Kool-Aid or stand on the roof, arms in the air, waiting for who knows what, or set people adrift in burning boats when they stop breathing, believing that the departed is in a better place, let them be.

It is only when they go to the polls to vote that they become a danger to society.

If I had my life to live over, knowing what I know now, I might get in the religion business and pass myself off as an evangelical preacher. They are admired by a lot of people, they certainly have a wicked amount of fun, nobody knows what they are really thinking, they make an obscene amount of tax-free money, and from what one reads there is a great ripe and ready crop out there in rural Maine, just waiting to be harvested.

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